Business Forms

There's no such thing as a paperless business. Every venture requires an array of business forms to document and track important information. From shipping invoices to accounts receivable no matter your business, you will need business forms. There are a number of sources and methods for obtaining business forms once you've determined your business needs.

Most major office supply retailers sell both paper and electronic business forms. Paper forms are simply master copies of various forms such as invoices, estimates, and billing statements that you can copy and retain for future use. You can also buy bulk packages of business forms you may use frequently, which could save you money on printing and copying costs. This is a viable option if your business or office is mobile and does not frequently have access to a copier or printer.

However, an electronic format of business forms, such as software that allows you to design and print your own, is a good investment for businesses that have regular access to a computer and a printer. Once you've created all your business forms, you can save them to your computer's hard drive and print them as needed. Some programs will even allow you to complete the forms on the computer before printing, allowing you to save all the information to your computer. For a fully equipped, stationary office this is probably the best option. It is more convenient and allows you to store copies of your documents for your records.

Business forms can also be printed from many sources online. If you have employees, you will need federal tax forms completed for each one. These forms can be obtained directly from the IRS or federal government's website. There are many other business forms available online and they come in different formats. A billing invoice can be created several different ways, along with many other forms, such as inventory tracking, shipping labels, and so forth these types of forms can be customized to suit your business. However, business forms such as employee tax withholdings that must be legally recognized should be obtained from a government source. Legal forms do vary slightly, but you want to be sure the required fields of information are present.

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