Daily Racing Form

For anyone who spends their leisure time at the horse track, they know the industry's only guidebook so to speak is Daily Racing Form. This publication is the only daily national newspaper whose coverage is devoted to only one major sport. Every day, with the exception of Christmas Day, Daily Racing Form produces thousands of pages of statistics, editorial and news pertaining to the sport of horseracing and publishes as many as 25 editions each day.

This niche publication has been around since 1894 when it first appeared in Chicago on November 17 of the same year as a four-page broadsheet publication. A brainchild of Frank Brunell whose dream was to publish a daily paper with information exclusive to horse racing, Daily Racing Form has since grown to be a widely circulated and complex newspaper. Brunell is credited with revolutionizing horseracing and betting as he determined that a horse's past performance at the track was relative to future performances.

Today, Daily Racing Form is owned by The Wicks Group of Companies L.L.C., a private equity firm based New York that invests in communication and information media of various industries. Daily Racing Form is available at newsstands and tracks nation-wide or by subscription. They have a strong web-based presence as well with online subscriptions available with various terms and rates.

The information included in either edition of Daily Racing Form is extensive and complex indeed. For those new to horseracing, however, their website offers a tutorial for reading and understanding the information compiled in DRF or a printed guide “How to Read DRF” can be obtained for free. The extent of the information provided includes every aspect of horseracing from past performances to extensive data on the horses. Daily Racing Form is also saturated with up to date news and editorial relevant to the horseracing industry.

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