Employee Evaluation Form

Whether you are the evaluator or the one being evaluated, you can expect certain topics to be covered on an employee evaluation form. Employee evaluation forms are completed by management and reviewed with the evaluated employee as documentation for a company to track employee performance. The information covered will vary depending on the type of job performed, but the purpose remains the same.

When faced with the task of evaluating an employee, management should be prepared to cover all areas of job performance, productivity, attendance and punctuality. Certain aspects of an employee's performance can easily be evaluated such as how often they miss work and whether or not they routinely report to work on time. Other aspects are more difficult to evaluate such as productivity because there can be underlying circumstances that directly relate to productivity such as shift and peak business times.

The intervals at which an employee evaluation is conducted may be monthly or annually, or may relate to a performance probation. While management should always keep employees apprised of their evaluation intervals, they do not necessarily have to give notice immediately beforehand. It is, however, unreasonable for management to set new goals or assign new job tasks without giving the employee some idea of when the performance of the new goals or tasks will first be evaluated.

It is management's job to conduct an unbiased evaluation and to review the employee evaluation form with the employee. On most employee evaluation forms there is space for the employee to give written documentation of any feedback, complaints, or misunderstandings. The employee evaluation form should then be signed and dated by both the evaluator and the employee. Signing such a form in no way states agreement between the two parties, but rather acknowledgement that the employee evaluation form has been completed and reviewed by both parties. The form will then be kept in the employee's file for a length of time as determined by the company or until the next formal evaluation.

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