Genealogy Forms

Researching your family history is a rewarding process that can enrich your life and give your children a truer understanding of where they come from. However, gathering pertinent information and organizing it into something valuable is nothing short of a daunting task. This is where genealogy forms, which are very popular and available for free from a variety of online sources, come in handy. Genealogy forms can help you to organize and keep track of information as your discover it.

For most, researching family history through three and even four generations isn't too difficult. Typically, there are living relatives who can provide much of the information and family bibles where the information may have been recorded. However, going beyond three or four generations may prove a bit more difficult to research and even more difficult to organize. Genealogy forms such as pedigree charts, family group charts and census information charts make organizing and tracking the details simple.

A pedigree chart is one of the most useful genealogy forms to track ancestors. It begins with one identifiable person and then digresses backwards through history to track the beginning individual's parents, grandparents, and so on through 6 generations. By completing a chart like this one, the names of relatives are organized and can easily be referenced when researching their other descendents to include in your family history. It helps organize specific generations as well.

There are also many other useful genealogy forms such as relationship charts that help find the relation between two people with a common ancestor, census tracking forms to record information from a previous census, and family grouping charts to include marriages and offspring of extended family. When completing any genealogy form it is best to fill them in with pencil until you have completed all research. When you are satisfied with your research, you will then have organized information that can be put into a book, printed for framing, or whatever other method of preservation you prefer.

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