Government Forms

No institution in the world requires more forms for more reasons than the federal government. Whether you work for the government, are beginning to collect social security, or are requesting a federal grant to pay for your education, every thing you do that involves the government in any way will require at least one government form.

While government forms can be extremely difficult for the average citizen to understand, they are still a requirement for every citizen. Paying taxes requires forms, receiving free or reduced lunches for your dependent child requires forms, and applying for a marriage license requires forms. Essentially anything that requires legal recognition or subsidization from government offices will require a form. Because completing government forms is a task we all undertake at some point, it is helpful to know where to get help with questions.

In the past, answers to questions about completing government forms required calling or visiting a local government office. This could often mean never reaching a person knowledgeable enough to help or waiting in long, slow moving lines, both of which may be frustrating. Today, every government office has a web presence and many of the most essential and commonly used government forms are available to print directly from their site and most times include instructions and additional contact information if further help is required.

To locate specific federal government forms simply visit to search by form name or agency. Examples of forms you can find are an Application for Retirement Insurance Benefits, United States Postal Service Change of Address form, and job applications for nearly every department. The majority of forms include instructions for completing the forms and what to do with them once their complete. For links to state or local government offices start with the federal government's web portal at or type the state or county information into any search engine.

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