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Landlord Letters

Everything is going smooth with your new tenants, and the world seems right. In fact you’ve sent out your landlord letters to welcome the new renters in your house or apartment building. Smiles occur between all of you, contracts have been completed, and the first months rent and security deposit has now cleared the bank. This is the way the business transactions are supposed to work – smooth and simple. In real life, well that is a different matter because life happens. You’ll at some point find yourself writing landlord letters that are that are hard nosed – such as the letter of the right to the security deposit. So take a deep breath and check out a few of the landlord letters that you’ll encounter in your career.

What are some of the typical landlord letters that you will encounter? The letter type is varied, but here are few of the types of letters.

Letter of Specials – This type of letter is usually sent to larger apartment complex renters, and can include deals such as prize packages of gifts for renewing before a certain date, or even discounts on parking fees for the new term.
Letter of Intent to Repair – This letter will give your tenant an advanced warning of typical repair and maintenance issues that either need immediate attention, or is part of your upkeep for your property.
Letter of Non – Payment for Rent – The letter is usually written as a friendly reminder for payment, and graduates to firmer demands for rental fees.
Letter of Complaint – Usually this letter is more forceful in nature from the beginning, and it can include everything from suspected sub – letting issues, to a barking problem with a dog.
Letter of Eviction – Letter is straight to the point and very firm. Occurs after problems such as non – payment of rents, or other continual problems of issues such as non – compliance for other infractions of rules. Immediate actions may be taken such as when drugs are found by the appropriate enforcement officials.
Letter of Renter Damage – This letter is sent to a renter either confirming damages and asking for or demanding payment.
Business is business, and as much as you’ll want to be compassionate you’ll need to realize there will be times when you just can’t be. It will be hard to write some of the landlord letters because human compassion drives us to understand issues such as a loss of a job, drug addiction, and accidents that aren’t meant to cause damage. If you’re going to run a successful business, you’ll need to have regulations written clearly for your renters. Whatever situation arises make sure that you handle it in a professional, courteous, and legal manner, and this includes writing your landlord letters. Also, remember to be safe when dealing with others, frazzled emotions and flares of temper can occur when a tragedy strikes individuals and family members. Take along someone with you if you feel it’s necessary. Most situations however don’t require this drastic of an action. There are the good, bad and ugly landlord letters, but in the end it all depends on how you as landlord handle each situation. Successful conclusions are just an attitude away.

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