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Legal forms are documents containing specific information that are recognized as valid by a court of law. Whether a last will and testament, child custody papers, divorce decrees, or a birth certificate, all legal documentation or action is a result of completing the necessary legal forms. Obtaining legal forms is easier today than ever before and depending upon the complexity of the situation can now be completed and filed without an attorney.

For example, many people are electing to complete their last will and testament without an attorney. These legal forms are not difficult to obtain and if your situation is simplistic enough, can be legally recognized and executed in a court of law. It is not recommended that people with prior inheritances, vast amounts of money or property, complex financial or family history, or any other potentially difficult situation complete a will without the advice of legal council. However, if your assets are few or very basic and you are comfortable with how your family will accept the execution of your will, you can complete it and have it notarized very easily. In cases where you are appointing guardianship of any minor children, you might want to consult an attorney as well.

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Other legal forms, such as court petitions for annulment, child support, spousal support, or other course of legal action can also be easily obtained. Determine if the matter is federal, state, or municipal jurisdiction and then contact the necessary agency or visit their respective website to obtain the forms. If the legal forms are you are searching for are not available, this is a definite sign that your situation requires some professional legal help. It is not wise to complete legal forms for potentially complicated situations such as divorce or bankruptcy. Yet legal forms such as tax forms, forms to obtain birth certificates or social security cards, real estate forms, and other basic legal concepts can be easily obtained from the clerk of courts in most municipals or online. When searching forms online, be wary of sites that are not .gov portals, as many sites charge for legal forms that you could just as easily obtain for free from the government.

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