Passport Forms

A passport is an internationally recognized document that identifies the bearer's identity and country of origin. Any person wishing to enter or exit most foreign countries must have a valid passport and the US Department of State is the only agency authorized to grant or validate a US passport and they can be obtained by filling out the necessary passport forms.

To get a passport for the first time, you will have to appear in person to complete the basic passport forms. Facilities where passport forms can be obtained and completed include Federal, State, and probate courts, Post Offices, and even some public libraries. You will be required to provide some specific documents when completing the passport forms for the initial application.

Some of the documents that must accompany the application include two photographs of yourself, a social security card, birth certificate, or proof of citizenship. Prior to appearing at an issuing facility you should verify that your documents are acceptable and check to see if additional documents are required. Passport forms are available online from the US Department of State, but you can only complete the basic information such as name, permanent address, date of birth, and so on prior to appearing in person at the issuing facility. The passport forms will not be valid if signed before an Acceptance Agent instructs you to do so.

Other information requested on passport forms includes family history, physical characteristics (height, weight, etc.) and a recent photograph will also need to accompany the application. Simpler forms are required for renewing a previously valid passport and can also be obtained by contacting the US Department of State or other local government branch. Passport forms are not complicated, but the specific instructions must be followed for the passport to be valid. If you have any questions regarding passport forms, contact an issuing facility in your area.

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