Resume Forms

A resume is a professional document that highlights a person's work history and skills for the purpose of obtaining employment. There are a variety of resume formats that can be used, and typically a cover letter accompanies one. Resume forms however can help organize information that you or a professional resume writer will use to create a professional resume.

If completing a resume on your own, you can use resume forms to collect all pertinent information to your employment and educational history. Begin with completing your work history and list all the jobs you have held within the last 10 years. Include specific accomplishments and successful tasks completed for the company and organize each job chronologically beginning with the most recent. Resume forms can also help organize educational accomplishments such as degrees, areas of study, or certificates earned. You can not only use resume forms to gather and organize your information, but also as a template for how you want your final resume to appear. You should be able to use them to outline your professional goals and references as well.

If you find you are having trouble taking the information from resume forms and condensing it into a well-designed final draft, you can turn to a professional resume writer. Simply provide them with the resume forms you have used and explain what you would like to have written. They will be able to take your information, ask questions, or even provide you with new forms to reorganize your information and create the resume you want. If they have their own set of preferred resume forms, you will be able to reference the ones you have already completed to provide them with the most detailed descriptions of your employment skills.

Using resume forms as rough drafts of your professional resume will ensure that no information is left out and will help create that final, concise, one-page document that so many employers demand. Organized information will translate into a well thought out, well designed resume.

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