Courses in a Paralegal Certification Program


Studying to be a paralegal is easily assessable online and most share common courses in a paralegal certification program. Here we will look at a few of the courses that you can take and at one of the leading institutes that offers this service.

With most online paralegal courses there is a mandatory amount of them you must take to achieve your certificate usually this is ten courses and you can usually start with any course you prefer. To complete courses it can take from seven months to a year. These courses are offered at ParalegalTech Institute.

Five of the most popular common courses in a paralegal certification program are:

  • Personal injury law: this course goes into detail about the basics of tort law, the procedure of how a case is developed, tried and settled as well as how to evaluate injuries.
  • Criminal law: with this course you learn bout the basics of criminal law and crimes against property and people as well as legal defenses, the process of criminal justice and history.
  • Reality Law: this course takes you into the workings of reality law like mortgages, contracts and how to do a whole transaction.
  • Legal writing and research: this would have to be the most important of all the courses if you want to become a paralegal. Teaching you the fundamentals of writing and research, and learn the latest information within the legal field.
  • Wills, trusts and estates: with this cause you learn the laws of inheritance, how to create a will, estate planning and information about trusts and other related issues.

ParalegalTech Institute is one of the leading websites offering these courses in a certification program. ParalegalTech Institute offers over twenty courses in the paralegal field and hosts a range of flexible options so you can study in ease. You can start learning the paralegal field today with courses in a paralegal certification program.

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